Navigating what to wear in 60 degree weather can be a sartorial puzzle. It’s that transitional phase where you want to stay comfortable without sacrificing style.

Our expertise, backed by insights from over 1000 social media votes across platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, is here to guide you through this fashion conundrum.

In this article, we’ve taken cues from our seasoned experts who have conducted numerous tests on our own products to provide you with practical advice for crafting the perfect 60-degree outfit.

As temperatures fluctuate between 60 and 70 degrees, it’s all about striking a balance. We’ll not only delve into ideal ensembles for 60-degree weather but also touch on options for slightly warmer climates at 65 degrees.

So, whether you’re pondering what to wear for a crisp autumn day or a mild spring afternoon, read on to discover the perfect ensemble that marries comfort and style. For more fashion insights and ideas, visit our Custom Your Shirts website.

How to Dress for 60 Degree Weather

Dressing well for 60-degree temperatures demands balancing comfort and style. Starting with a breathable t-shirt guarantees comfort even when the temperature drops to 65 degrees as the temperature ranges from 60 to 70 degrees.

Layering is key: a lightweight jacket or versatile shacket can help you adjust to shifting weather. Earthy colors and subtle patterns match the season’s natural palette.

For those leaning towards a slightly dressier look, explore the world of outfits for 60 degree weather, which may include jeans, chinos, or corduroy pants in earthy tones like olive or burgundy.

By embracing this fashion flexibility and incorporating tips for 65 degree weather outfits, you’ll be ready to confidently step out in style, no matter what the thermometer reads.

What to wear in 60 degree weather?



Your clothes are a canvas for comfort and style in 60-degree temperatures. Start your outfit with a lightweight t-shirt. T-shirts are your go-to for short or three-quarter sleeves.

They are great for keeping comfortable in the gentle breeze and adding a layer against the chill. Layering is your friend in transitional weather. A lightweight jacket is easy to add or remove as the temperature changes. With a t-shirt and well-fitted jeans or chinos, you seem casual but put-together.



As summer fades into fall, a light sweater becomes your closest companion. The choice of material is crucial; opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or lightweight knit to ensure you don’t overheat.

Pastel colors and subtle patterns work wonders during this season’s embrace. Should the temperature decide to rise towards the higher end of the spectrum, embrace versatility by casually draping your sweater around your shoulders – a move that effortlessly infuses your style with sophistication.

Light Jackets

Light Jackets

While 60 degrees may not immediately invoke “jacket weather,” having a light jacket at your disposal is always a wise choice. A denim jacket or a stylish bomber can provide that extra layer of warmth without causing you to feel bulky or encumbered.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with textures and colors that harmonize with the aesthetics of the season, allowing your outerwear to become a statement piece in your ensemble.

Jeans and Pants

Jeans and Pants

For your lower half, jeans are your trusted companions in this transitional weather. Not only do they offer comfort, but they also exude timeless style while providing ample insulation against the cool breeze.

If you’re in the mood for a slightly dressier look, explore the realm of chinos or corduroy pants. Earthy tones like olive, tan, and burgundy seamlessly align with the autumn vibe, making these pants the ideal choice to complete your ensemble.

Footwear Choices

Footwear Choices

Your shoes can make or break your outfit. Your best buddies are ankle boots and sneakers in 60-degree weather. These alternatives are fantastic for long days out because they combine style and comfort.

Choose breathable shoes to keep your feet cool even if the sun comes out. These options prepare you for autumn’s shifting weather and let you make a stylish impression wherever you go.

What Color Choices Work Best for 60 Degree Weather Outfits?

Selecting the right color palette can make a significant difference in your 60 degree weather outfits. Earthy tones like olive green, rusty orange, and warm browns resonate perfectly with the mild weather.

These colors not only blend harmoniously with the surroundings but also reflect the changing hues of nature. If you’re feeling bolder, you can experiment with gentle pastels or opt for subdued floral prints that capture the essence of the season.

What Style Tips Can Help You Dress Smartly in 60 Degree Weather?

Navigating 60 degree weather is all about striking a balance between layers. Light jackets, cardigans, or stylish shackets (shirt jackets) are your go-to companions.

They’re versatile enough to keep you comfortable in the cooler moments and can be easily tied around your waist or carried when the temperature climbs to around 65 degrees. This layering technique ensures you’re prepared for slight fluctuations while maintaining a fashion-forward look.


Is 60 degrees too hot for a hoodie?

While 60 degrees might lean more towards the warmer side, a lightweight hoodie could work if you prefer a casual and relaxed look. However, consider layering options like a t-shirt and a light jacket instead for a more adaptable ensemble.

Do you need a jacket in 65 degree weather?

It depends on your personal preference and how accustomed you are to cooler temperatures. A light jacket or a shacket can be a great addition to your outfit for 65 degree weather, offering a layer of warmth that you can easily remove if needed.


Dressing for 60-degree weather is an art that combines comfort and style. By following these expert tips and outfit ideas, you’ll be ready to tackle the day with confidence. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll or meeting up with friends for a coffee, your outfit will perfectly reflect the season’s charm.

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